Vibration Test Fixture

Single Board Type


  • From horizontal to vertical position with several steps.
  • Fully access to components lead or test point.

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Vibration Test Fixture

Two in one Type


  • For combo PCBA application.
  • Deploy the hidden area to test or debug engineer.
  • Quick release for high density connector.

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Debug Fixture

With at-speed test, debug can easily become a problem: If test points are on the bottom, as is often the case for test processing, then this requires the board to be flip over for the debug. However, during at-speed testing, key devices and signal paths are often on the topside.

IST Engineering has in-house expertise with debug fixtures, which allow the test technician to flip over a test board, or even hold it vertically for dual-sided access, while still running the Device-Under-Test at full-speed through card-edge connectors - whether these are standard DIN type or F or N type co-ax connectors.

The debug stations are constructed robustly, with metal frames and high-grade flexible cabling and can also be used as backup test stations in a manufacturing flow. They can be built with custom machined waveguide connections for RF/Microwave applications, or with standard, off the shelf connectors, as defined by the application. A number of these debug fixtures are in production use with a range of customers.


Productivity, revenue enhancement:

  • Debug and repair faster
  • Use as standby test station
  • Easy to deploy
  • Compact footprint
  • Simple, robust, reliable